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1. In Search Of

Happiness can be hard to find when evilness takes over your mind expressing your; Hate with no solutions forgetting yourself through life's diversions from your; Heart... from your mind... from your s...

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2. Lies

I'm tired of their filthy lies. Dirty littel men, fat and weird. The politics of five o'clock news, airwaves locking any truth. The illudions of the eorld are proof. seeds been sewn haven't taken root...

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3. Parasite

you wanna fit in, be one of the boys we try to treat you right hoping you'll join our; fight but you won't share any of your joys... you're running from yourself afraid we'll; call you sucker but in t...

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4. Poison In The Machine

we don't need people like you conformists in business suits making rules for; society we don't want rules just wanna be free chorus: we're the poison in the; machine we don't like this world we're in ...

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5. Second Chance

put your trust in someone's heart promises of unlikely love turn my back for a; minute now i'm strong united rise above no more pain..... i've had my turn no more; pain..... now you'll learn thought i...

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6. Stand As One

i can finally see the light differences between their wrongs and rights society tells; us what to do dictating to me and you (no more) we can be the ones to succeed; youth of today planting the seeds ...

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7. Time To Try

the way that we feel is not too good we're tired of being pushed around doing what; we should had enough shit and your thought direction had enough of your rules; gonna make a few corrections so we go...

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8. Time Will Tell

we're all surrounded by the keeper do you think he really cares say you're not one; of them but you smoke the same brand i don't believe you're gonna see a matter of; time is all it will be all you're...

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9. True Colors

having fun getting drunk what kind of man are you something's wrong, it's not the; same which one of you should i blame? let your true colors show let your true; colors show now you feel like superman...

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10. United Races

unity and pease is all that we need for the whole human race to finally succeed; living together sharing our land loving each other... one united free land united; races... struggling to live united r...

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