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1. Farewell To Arms

You cross the walls; Cunning steps to safety; Thoughts break your fall; But have you looked around you lately; Do not speak too soon; Now the sun's the moon; And you don't know where you are; Do not f...

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2. New World

Sunlight fades; In the children's eyes; There's an innocent embrace; On the banks of the river Thames; Beauty calls; From the young girl's eyes; And the way to darkness calls; In the act of a lover's ...

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3. Nothing Comes To Mind

To melodize your thoughts; To compromise your peace of mind; Open up your heart; You couldn't have the power to be unkind; You're searching for some truth; The hurting is unbearable; There's nothing y...

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4. Something New

In the name of you; I fill these hands with gold; No matter what you do; Don't forget how the story is told; You can believe; Or at least you can try; And you may see; That the truth is just a lie; Op...

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5. The Beginning Of The End

Open heart; Open mind; A lot depends on what we say; Afraid to say things the wrong way; But I believe you; I can feel you now; Breathing slow; You seem so still; Never before in my life have I felt; ...

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6. The Echoing Green

They can see the world; In a different light; From the colored room; Of a child's mind; Innocence can keep your thoughts at play; Can you take the time; When the lightning strikes you; To do the thing...

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7. What do You See

In the night; There is something; That holds you told you wrong; You can see when the day breaks; That the lonely only cry; And I'll tell you once again; To accept my words once more; It's been going ...

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8. You Think You Know Her

Like Children; Rarely seen and never heard; Emotion; Bare your soul you'll never learn; But don't ask why; And you won't get lied to; Speak to them softly; It's something you get used to; (Chorus); Yo...

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