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1. Burning At Both Ends

Lost in the battlefield; A soul that can not yield; Head first into the frey; With no plan for steps to take; Taken under the spell; Continue to compel; Too many moves to make; Never stop or you will ...

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2. I Confess

It always seems so easy to tell another lie; Convince myself; that you would always give me one more try; You're always there but not this time; I don't know what to do; So many times I wanted to say ...

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3. Marching Towards The North

I'm wandering on the wisp, through mortuary light. My soul is feeling a divine transformation; my body floats in the Blackened Kingdom. Far beyond the sky I'll carry my black spirit; far beyond the ho...

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4. Tears Have Come

Lost in an empty room; The scent of her perfume; Has guided me so far away; Hard to face another day; Time does not help to mend; Continue to pretend; That you can cure as you redeem; Everything's not...

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