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1. Flowers

At night sometimes, everything's spinning; And the mountain's too high to keep climbing; You want to play right, your hands are shaking; You'd love to know someone but you keep doubting; You keep tryi...

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2. Full Colours

There are some situations; Sometimes you have to face yourself; And focus on a new bay; You have to draw some new lines; And paint until the end; A white page for a new day; The colours are the rhymes...

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3. Keep On Dancing

Day one you're locking the door; Baby the roof is on fire; Two hands are driving this car; Beasts all around you're closer; Day two you're sweating and cold; Baby the car goes faster; How fun how fun;...

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4. Le Courage des Oiseaux

Dieu que cette histoire finit mal! Qu'une histoire puisse finir si mal; Quand elle a commencé si bien; ; Voir un jour les raisons d'aimer; Perdues quelque part dans le temps; Mille tristesses découlen...

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5. Sirens Call

Whatever way, the same; Nothing according to plan; If I could just see clearly, into you; The same face every day, the sirens calling away; This mean so much more; The floating boat is carrying me; An...

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6. Too Much

You're a liar; And you think you're smarter; And I listened to your gossip; About me and my mother; And now people say; That my daddy's a dog; That my dog is a bitch; And the bitches avoid my man; You...

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7. Who You Are

When the people sigh; Something makes me want to know; When the shadows fade away; Something makes me want to know; Who you are; Something is with us; I feel it just behind; When the shadows fade away...

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