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1. Act Of Faith

"A coin in the coffer rings, a soul from purgatory springs."; clergy marching through the streets while innocents are suffering; the selling of indulgence, profiting from fear and shame; but no Novena...

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2. Anti-Life

Battlehymns pound in your heart brings your blood to boil; You feel the heat that burns with hate as you step upon our Pagan soil (soul turmoil); When healers died at the stake and your children died ...

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3. Bible Black

this curse, lift it from me; every word and every page, dripping disease; hypocrisy, internally contradictory; this is the doctrine of the deceived; were we born in the wrong time? In the wrong state ...

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4. Born Enslaved

every breath we take is a sin and every word we speak is a sin; every step we take is a sin and every day we awake is in sin; and in if we succumb, for we are home and free; in sin we found what you f...

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5. Catholicon

Death cult preys; The enemy presents itself in a veil of falsity; Their coalition convinces all with ideals they fail to reach; The bastard Son, the twisted path, the fable, and the lie; A diocese of ...

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6. Eve Bewitched

From the shadows we have watched you move and done so approvingling; Your grace and form and blood that's warm, our silver toungues are poised to speak; Your origins of godliness inspires us to evil d...

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7. Heir To The Throne

I nailed Christ to the cross heaven knew of nothing until that day; Never tasted blood let alone defeat; "No longer will I adorn Thee with pious blinded praise While you mourn for victims slain, into ...

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8. Redemption

Desecration, forcing fear into their hearts; No salvation, I am tearing faith apart; Silenced forever, the lying of the choir "for the Lord, thy God, is a consuming fire"; Destroy their place of worsh...

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9. Thorns Of The Crown

Add another number to our scrolls a day of celebration for the haters of the Christian World; Another member into our fold; None who've walked before us shall diminish your role; Join us, and the trut...

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10. Virulent

Wicked priest, gods of death; Presbyter in another form, repossessed; Demons call, delirium; Another curse, invades this church he calls out in God's name; Supreme deity, Yahweh, I summon thee sounds ...

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