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1. For Your Consideration

For your consideration; do you live with open eyes? see the people passin’ by; million stories, different faces; lookin empty, in disguise; do you look them in the eye; wanna know the reason why; ever...

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2. Honestly

Honestly; honestly - i don’t get it; Thought i am young, thought i am free; honestly – so how come that i am never carefree; can i just for once put all my hopes and fears; on you; borrow me your ligh...

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3. Inner Radio

Inner Radio; have you ever notice that; something sourrounds us; it's in every taken breath; a beautiful sounder; it's a constant companion; in the rhythm of our strides; it's the music that sees us; ...

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4. Never Meant To Be

Never meant to be; Whenever i take a walk; Im drifting in memories; I takes me to places where; we used to be; But you’ll never know the secret; that i kept inside of me; too afraid to lose my heart; ...

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5. Over

Over; look at me; what do u see? still that distant ice queen; the girl out of reach; would you believe; that there’s more to me; would you have the heart to find out what’s beneath? i faced all my tr...

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6. Unlike Me

Unlike me; i woke up late this morning; the sun tickled my nose; i felt incredible easy; i chased away my ghosts; and over my soy late; a thought came to my mind; from now on i am happy; i leave the w...

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