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1. Harlem

You come to pass on my self, on my past; Ohh, oohh; Baby don't worry; I'll never let you down; When I find the evidence; Chalk it up to providence; Baby don't worry; It's all inside your head; Tell me...

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2. In The Dark

I can find you in the dark; So far away, where you are; But everything changes when it's time; When I run to the sea the sun shines; I don't know where to start; You hide away then say it's alright; I...

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3. Jump Little Children

In the shadows of tall buildings; Of fallen angels on the ceilings; Oily feathers in bronze and concrete; Faded colors, pieces left incomplete; The line moves slowly past the electric fence; Across th...

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4. Ooo Aaa

Taking the backseat, you ardent and pleading so back; Open my seems tell me; Somebody needs, so do I; Moving you sweat, drip and thumb; We would dance, sing and charm; When we decide; Whether you're s...

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5. Try To Fight

Don't you know; I tried to get it right; In the moment; Tried to get it right, alright; I can't face this turning off the lights; When you know I just can't say goodbye; You are trouble to get over no...

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6. Unbound

Having you tonight; I will, when you're unbound; Oh, there's something inside that stirs when I see you; When you're on the down; I'll nurse you back to pieces; Pick up the phone and talk like I'm cra...

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7. Want My Love

Baby I know you feel alone; Spend these days just wondering when you'd call; Baby, I want you for my own; Whispers calls to you after you hang up the phone; And I'd give you more; Tell me that you wan...

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