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1. Aeons

In the heart of the mind; Feel it burn; Another dark stain; The pulsating strain; With no peace; In the heart of disease; Feel the pain; Cannot deal with what is; The catharsis; Will soon begin; Confu...

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2. Catharsis

All the fear; All the pain; Built within; The hope and the tears; To measure the worth; To understand it; Feeling what is fuels the change; We're overjoyed feeling all right in our skin; The apocalyps...

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3. Choose Your Heaven

There was nowhere to sleep, so he wandered the night; Saw the wreckage of life to which we've been led; And all of the factories that had ground to a halt; By the side of the ocean, boiling with blood...

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4. Chosen By Heaven

Candles fight darkness, silence adhere; You are alone; Your eyes on the icon, meek and austere; This is your world; I don't belong here, I am a stranger; No place for me; I hear the summons from alien...

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5. Crusader

Each of us will find; His own way to Hell and Heaven in his life; But remember that we have two different ways -; One of dreams and one that leads us through the days; Filled with empty fuss; [Bridge ...

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6. Dancing In The Fire

Hear the torrents of life; Rupturing all dreams and hopes; Beating and storming the Gates of Heaven! Life-music's thunder and sights; Shattering mirrors and worlds; Will break down your former self fo...

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7. Deserts Without Mirages

The car is on fire and; there's no one at the wheel; And no one tries to; put on the brakes at all; We're trapped in the; belly of this sick machine; The radiator smoking, there's no air to breathe; A...

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8. Duende (the Soil Is Closer Than The Sky)

Black bitter milk we drink in toast to the dawn; In huddled silence as a long night falls; We write of love upon the bodies of our dead; Swallow pride and venom for our daily bread; Duende; Wash your ...

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9. Ether

Inside two worlds explode; Two words made up of dust; The dust the essence of ageless pain; Never will I see the sun again; The planet the race; Enthralled with ice and snow; Glacial rivers of compres...

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10. Exterminating Angel

The sun also rises…; In hell. But now never again, kill the lights; Fucking break the skin. Gave it all I had, now I've nothing left to give; And if you love life, there's some life you won't live; Bu...

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11. Febris Erotica

Lethargy slowly forges me; Helplessly I submit; All I feel's animosity; Deep inside I'm strongly hit; Snows and rains are always near; Winds and blizzards serve to me; Hurricanes and storms I hear; No...

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12. Follow The Sun

Life never stops; And the time will stop and wait for... No one! But we won't know who's the last one; To cast shade on Sands of Time? Sun fills life with its warm light; And your words will never sto...

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13. Heart Of The World

Falcon and mortal blade -; Sky-blue steel of deadly weapon; These are your magic charm from the distant worlds. ; You call hounds fast as Death; Warming you when night is freezing; They are brave, the...

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14. I Corinthians 1:18-29

Through the confusion you see an illusion:; In this world, sex and leprosy; God never said a word to me-; Your Eternal Soul, reduced to flesh in disease; Run the race alone between the soil and the sk...

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15. Igni Et Ferro

Far away from here; Being apart of me; Silently you fear; Mute eternity; Never ending flame; Burns me from inside; Whispering your name; Going to fight; [Bridge:]; I heal the wings; Of cruel stings; W...

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16. Imago

Change your heart for strangest living; Strength in weaklings, strong ones weeping; Go through pain and come out chainless; You're reached Bliss, but still you're restless; [Bridge I, II]; Maybe I wil...

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17. Into The Eyeless Sockets Of The Night

This weapon will replace my tongue. I will learn to speak through it. And my poetry will now be written with blood

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18. Invocation

(ONE MINUTE CLOSER TO THE HOUR OF YOUR DEATH); Tu trembles, mon couer? Tu tremlerais davantage, si tu savais oü je te méne.

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19. My Love, The Phiery

I'm looking through fences of ancient graves -; The cemetery of dreams has got a new day; Living I'm or not - it doesn't matter for me:; You're left the life when the spring forced to flee:; Joy of th...

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20. Obsession

To sow seeds in barren; fields; When there's no more; fertile ground; To bear the fragile; worlds within; Through the ruined one; that surrounds; Break the shackles of; my past; Give me precious; thin...

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21. Panoptikon

For you who choose; bondage, the world is a cage; Paralyzed under their; gaze; These scraps of self, they're not enough; But they're all that I; could steal; It's easier for you -; you don't fucking f...

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22. Passion

Some are born to; wander blind; And some are born to; endless night; But not this one! Feeling our youth go; through our fingers; Like a razor to the; bone; Let's burn the dry; brush of our hearts; An...

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23. Pro Memoria

I pass my way through pictures of her cries; And pain in my scarred soul's like clouds in skies; I recognize my guilt: It's my fault: but; I see dark sufferings breaking fender heart; My life paints b...

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24. Sabbat

Dance around the; flames of a world spinning down; Dance in the flames of; a world burning down; Dance; Poison overcast moon, watch over us in these last days; As we descend to the; lowest circle; Ins...

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25. Sacred And Profane

Beyond the walls of reason; It's just as dark as inside of me; Run through the forests of the isolated; Into the arms of insanity; (Selling you into slavery); In the entrails of the angel, forget your...

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26. Shatter My Dreams

Your mind is getting numb, Your heart is torn to million fragments; And there's nowhere to run -; The dice are cast, it's too late; You'll never forget that name; Even attempt won't be forgiven; You t...

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27. Silence Flows

I have blundered; Separating Death and Life; Even Heaven; Cannot draw that parting line; Heaven's angels can't see human nature; Light of Darkness - they still fly through the Void! [Chorus]; And the ...

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28. Silent Tears

Sky full of stars; Before my eyes; My inane look; It calmly took; My only friend; Is air land; Eternal world; Is grey and cold; My soul is tough; It's strong enough; I'm sure I'll win; For loss I'm me...

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29. Star Waterfall

Do you remember he times that are left behind; Thousands and thousands of long eons ago... Stars streaming down, skies hanging low... Your tender skin next to mine... ; What's the price of laughter an...

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30. Sunrise Beast

East crimson with the dawn, The red on mountain heads; It is becoming so; The land of singing sands! The East is Sunrise Beast, Its paws are darkness-clad; The cruelty of East; Will make the sky reel ...

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31. Threshold

Severed, bowed, soul-deviled, and you'll find; Don't think that I've; got it right; Another threshold of; pain, like every inch of my life; All this means; nothing, through here: Ours is to suffer; Wa...

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32. Towards The Acme

Diary I kept on days of; Fiery love was a kind of; Donory thing after my; Recovery; Really my illness cause was; Loneliness. Since I met my; Fairy I didn't have to; Query; Happily I wrote about my; Wi...

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