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1. Abolished

Welcome to paradise: Everything that is: is dead. Realize our race has lost: Apocalypse has come, black forever. Broken dreams and dead eyes: Everything we know is fake. Terrorists and walking bombs. ...

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2. Adore The Horror

Shooting to kill to eat the next victim: this malice cannot be stopped. Sucking the life: the rule of our wisdom; adore the horror. Human beings are set to destruct and soon the world will erupt: A vo...

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3. Death Wish Solution

Death Wish Solution; The circumstance here on planet earth with casualties and over-population. It's drilled into your beaten soul as the trigger meets your temple, fire and collect your final thought...

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4. Execution Anno Domini

Execution: Retribution, Evolution, Execution; Injection of poison. On death row: surprising. Mind Lapse and fade away. Last words: what do I say. My hatred: society. My worst fear: sobriety. Psychotic...

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5. Four Leaf Clover

Found a four leaf clover, and all the leaves are dead. F*ck the consequences and my whole life is spent.. with my four leaf clover again. Our time has run out, alone in misery, waiting to die. See the...

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6. Gothic Retention

Bring us a sign, if you are real, Make us believe in you. I cannot see past the fact you're alone, when your own body, starts to feel cold. (Where is he?) The imagination is nailed to the cross, weari...

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7. Innocence Of Murder

To take a life to survive, it tasted better dead than alive. But we kill for luxury, the leisure of supremacy. The government must amplify, and weapons made to simplify. The violence against animals, ...

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8. Manifestus

Confess betray resolve (drown the rat). My hate for this is real (manifestus). A memory for me is like an apple in a tree: not falling far away from the trunk (remember). A twisted poetry of a f*ck*d ...

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9. Sacred World

Observe the horizon, breathe in the air: Full of poison led. Red skies and ghost towns are all that we see thanks to our greed. Ravage solidy entombed (in) cement: Rape mother Earth of her land. Anima...

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10. Shadowed

Cold clammy room, a figure of a man, it came through the front door. A twisted cold wind, everything is silent, Phantoms rise from the floor. Shadowed; Scratches with its nails, and glances at its pre...

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11. The Skulls Of Eden

Those who betray (the sinners). Those who believe (f*ck the losers). The Skulls of Eden (no habitat)& Mortality (no morals). Lies that wrote faith in all, Lies in the book of hell, Study and preech an...

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