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1. Brooklyn Girls

There's a palace of bricks in 1-1-2-0-6; Where all the fly brooklyn chicks reside; Combat boots in the summer; Subway train rolling under; See her on the lower east side; In hed she's got her own styl...

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2. Family

I am going back to my sister's house; Through the mountains to the place; Where I know I can take my weary soul; And smile at a familiar face; And the roof that I'm standing on feels like an airplane;...

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3. Human Contact

You were talking loud; I was waiting for a noise complaint; You just gave the look; I must have said something you hate; Now you want to argue; You want to tell me everything that's wrong; But I'm so ...

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4. Night Go Slow

The cars all stop where they are; when you take my hand, there is no time; Every moment that passes by with you; I wish I could rewind; Let go of your ways; and forget today; Just follow me tonight; D...

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5. Outerspace

I took you to a diner when; I couldn't find another friend; We laughed and then you touched my hand; I knew right there and then; I couldn't help it; I felt a feeling deep inside; I wasn't sure if it ...

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6. Rumble in the Park

Fingerbangers meeting in the park tonight, takin' on the Peaches; going to be a girl fight; Choose your weapons and pick a side, there's gonna be some fisticuffs tonight; Peaches are pretty, but they'...

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7. The Ransom

We've got a hostage situation; Tough talk and less negotiation; It ain't no fun now that I've become; A prisoner to the one who's tryna save me; If I give you everything you want; Will you set me free...

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8. Walks All Over You

Don't you know she walks over you? You're powerless, there's nothing you can do; And everybody sees she's using you; She knows a boy in deep is a boy to keep; She's a serial manipulator; She does this...

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