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1. Are You With Me Now?

Oh, the sinking spell; Got to tiny heals; Pin the notice to posts; And then crawled in my mouth; There is a feeling I love; Buried in my brow; I have no reason to run; I see no reason; Are you with me...

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2. Daylight Matters

Wide of the line in occasional bloom; Still ahead of the night; Still never not there; And I'm never gonna be there again; Promises speak in; Confusion and dice; A day in the life; Arranging the chair...

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3. Here It Comes Again

Modern debt; Essential luck; The dog hair in the gloss; Fortunate or not enough? Set in a frame; Here it comes again; Man alive; This solitude; Is wrinkles in the dirt; I borrowed love from carnivals;...

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4. Home To You

Home to you; Is a neighborhood in the night kitchen; Home to you; Is atrocity in the town; Home to you; Is an impasse under hallway ceilings; Home to you; I'm a cross hair, stubborn, dream loving; And...

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5. Magnificent Gestures

Truly I like to dream; Romance is company; Permeates the concrete graft; Puts my head in a car park; Hold a hand, talk to me; Assume the weight of family; Sell the billboard gallery; She was born with...

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6. Meet The Man

Back to life, we have no means; When he died, religion spoke; Did you ever look beyond belief? Oh, to love him is bigger than dreams; Canonised, he walked around; Did you ever see him on his knees? I ...

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7. Miami

Decorate your own discord, Miami; Never be the same again, no way; Falling skies that people uphold, move with me; Love neglected by reward, okay; Miami; Miami; Miami; I take some time; I have some th...

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8. Mother's Mother's Magazines

Take it out, take it outside; Equal coin, not equivocal dime; Leaflet drop in the courtyard; Call and divide; Mother's, mother's magazines; Dry on the bedside; Never before dreamed (Dreamed); Did not ...

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9. Sad Nudes

Sad nudes in my room; Sad nudes in my room; Sad nudes; Sad promises from all the clowns you used to soothe; Like fools we moved; Pick up the phone; Take the call from your mother; She really wants you...

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10. The Light

Where would he go for fun in this town? How would he sit and bookend days? No, I don't need the poetry; More than a moment could upset the need; Console for the love, but the love belongs to me; The l...

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11. You Don't Love Me

You don't love me; You don't love me; Concaved empathy; But you don't love me; I dream about dead hours; And think about remaining within view; My devotion is new; Never be, never be, never be still; ...

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