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1. Black & White

It's december and I'm; So far away; I am shaken, I am quiet; But I've got a lot to say. And every time this season comes around; I'm alone, but I'm never home at all; Sitting at the front door of your...

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2. Careless Relation

It's such a careless relation. It gets me so frustrated; I am writing hooks in storybooks; As long as I can take it; Have you heard what it's like? For every breath you take; To be encased in ice; Or ...

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3. Dear Pacific

I wrote a note that I couldn't say out loud; So I folded it up, and packed up all my things; To take a trip west where I knew I wasn't missed. ; I knew that all I said; Couldn't make up for everything...

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4. Flave? Getreal

I didn't want this to seem so frustrating; But hell, the trip was worth the while; Why is reaching out for this so hard; While the world is holding off on her smile; Yeah I'll sit, Yeah I'll wait; til...

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5. Lawl

So let's get this show on the road; I know what you have been waiting; Waiting for; And I'll call on the hour; We'll haul our asses out of this place; Because home ain't home without you; (And I''ll);...

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6. Lights and Raindrops

You always told me not to sweat it; And you talk a lot, yeah you talk a lot; And you act like I don't get it; This is not what I expected; But darling I hope that you regret it; It's a simple thing; W...

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7. Metrix

I forgot what it meant; To feel like we could intersect; Cuz at the time, you're all I cared about; I didn't have a lot of friends; Cuz all the kids were based on ends; That didn't quite get; The crea...

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8. She's The Sky

I am waking up on a monday; To catch the same old routine; That my life has been getting used to; Like I used to.. ; Catch the bus at 8 o clock; Or how I'd lie, and say I'd walk to it; So I could see ...

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9. Simply Perfect

I met a girl last sunday on the street; She told me her name, and I wished I'd took a seat; Cuz the sound of her voice, made me fall off my feet, At the signs of the place where my love I would keep; ...

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10. Stay Put

I have not quite; Considered the problem; Could it be that I'm an excuse; To every single problem? You always lied; And said this was an accident; Because every day you get by; It's harder to admit; G...

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11. Swan Girl

Where were you? When everything you said that you could do; Was overrated, and if I could get you motivated I would lie; To save a broken heart; But you were wrong; You're all alone, So will you come ...

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12. Thorns & Roses

You do; Everything that benefits to you; It's always been the same; Compromise on arguments; We never sorted out; So that you know I'm gone; Could you please? Take my call on your telephone; Will you ...

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13. What The

I've got a lot to think about; Of being stuck in the basement of my house. ; And I can't seem to find a way out; Baby I been thinkin' ' bout the local crowd. ; They cookin' up shit about the way; How ...

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14. Your Very Own Trend

I remember when you; Would sit outside my room; And spend all day; Drifting away; And say I wasn't true; I will never get over the fact; That this was all an accident; From the start; So when you're f...

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