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1. 00 Nothing

He gives a smile 'cos he knows you're waiting; And he can see that tear in your eye; He doesn't care about the way that you're feeling; He'd rather sit there and wank himself blind; You stick around e...

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2. Genetic Suicide

Take advice from someone you know; You're living a lie and the path that you chose; been taking away his pets liberties; Never mind crabs when you've got bubic fleas; Been caught out again over pettin...

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3. Miss Chernobyl

Another year is over, a new one just begun; So many hopefuls only one crown to be won; But it's a hard job for this poor judge to decide; Fathers have some pity lock your ugly daughters inside; (Choru...

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4. My Little White Friend

People hate you, you're the one I love the most; My little white friend on whom I love to toke; My little white friend; My little white friend; Maybe one day this fucked up world will end; I'll just s...

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5. Nazi Paparazzi

There's an evil lurking in the world today; They got the nation listening to every word they say; Don't be fooled by their schemes just to make you comply; Freedom's cheap but it's something that you ...

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6. Selectively Lazy

Another week flies over my head; to think that I've just laid here in my bed; Sobriety's not the issue at hand; it's people like you that feed the demand; Take your time to realise life won't wait; I'...

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7. She Needs Protection

Useless, that's what I've heard I'm like in the sack; It seems my vital muscle is going slack; Can I grow old gratiously; She's never coming with me; Fuckwit, that's what they call me behind my back; ...

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8. Skamasutra

Problems with my mind, emotions left behind; But it's too late to change the way I feel; about you; Trying to live a lie, but it's a waste of time; It'll only take a moment of your life; or your wife;...

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9. Skankin' Sausages

Straight from the packet I'll be ready to fry; I don't need your sorrow, just turn me on my side; I hope you're not too choosy 'cos I'm British beef; and if you play me a song I'll be moving my feet; ...

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10. The Feasta

We gotta plan, not world domination; I wanna skank without the real hatred; Time's on our side and I won't give up; We've found a useful medication, don't want a job, can't find an occupation; I know ...

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