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1. Balancing The Furies

Science keeps growing ahead of society; Revolutions and breakthroughs answer some of the mysteries of life; Searching for a better understanding of how the clock ticks; Creates an age ominous salvatio...

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2. Blood Maidens

Blood Maidens; Heathens, with their luscious offerings; Invited into the dreams of the men who call; Blissfully possessed, immersed by the taste of the orgasmic feast; Insatiable the sex, total fulfil...

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3. Enemy

Enemy; Dreams, no more guaranties; Wake up and considered lucky; ?????????? conditions are prevailed everywhere, while you're the object of some inner hate; Somewhere your views, your ideologies, the ...

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4. Hate Trade

Hate Trade; Outrage accelerating with your rhetoric; Racial crimes on the rise; You're in the limelight; Judas, traitor to yourself; Hypocrite, greedy shit; Die by your own; Why don't you realize; Hat...

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5. Jesters Of The Millennium

Jesters Of The Millennium; Upon the threshold thousand years have passed; All hearts are filled with trepidation; The probability of an impending turning point; Have masses all bracing for the final c...

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6. Lab Rats

Lab Rats; Exposure, the prototype planet; Using the fruits from the land which we inhabit; Living, in a race of the amiss; Drink amongst the tainted ones; Mother earth's fatal kiss; Viral catastrophe ...

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7. Pain Factor

Pain Factor; All these walls standing in my way; Confusing me, what the hell to do; I just can't seem to get it right; I just don't comprehend; I guess I never will; Oblivious to this etiquette; No ri...

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8. Terraform

Terraform; As the sun scorches the planet; Oceans growing warm; Rain keeps falling beyond capacity; Man fears nature's storm; Is it part, is it all part of some plan? Is it a systematic terra-formatio...

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9. The Cleansing

The Cleansing; Besieged... as peace is overthrown; Decades of hatred culminate; Stripped... of all rights to coexist; Their presence never welcomed in the first place; The dawn of the cleansing; The h...

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10. The Veil

The Veil; The veil; Compounded by silence; Strengthened by force; Keeps us at bay; Ignorance the vital tool to feast upon naivete; Built to protect; Built to preserve, the American way; Participation ...

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11. You Must Bleed

You Must Bleed; Eminent slaughter, etched in your mind; The cry of the victim, so peacefully sublime; You enter the killing fields, skills so refrained; You watch for the fear that they try to hide; W...

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