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1. Blankness

For countless nights I've been thinking about it; In here all alone; Hopeless ways to cheat myself; Blankness's all I get; Less fights with my inner self would; Bring back sanity ...but the; Demons in...

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2. Burden In Me

Flash of darkness, scent of heaven; Cold breeze, I shiver in the wind; Hypnotized - those eyes capture me; Please, don't lead me into this temptation; The lines were drawn, I crossed them all; Was mad...

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3. Friendly Fire

Saw it on your face, Always same case; That same fake smile, Be true for a while; Never felt it coming, Your subtle backstabbing; Sorry I saw through you, Your time is up! All this hate inside my vein...

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4. My Salvation

I'm sick and tired of maintaining my life, Being pushed from behind and stamped on every day; I need a break from all this faking and posing; My salvation will be found somewhere else; I have felt the...

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5. Quinze Palavras

Amor; Pudor; Pena; Exceção; Caos; Miseria; Luxuria; Aniquilação; Catastrofes; Pragas; Maldições; Entre o; Sangue o; Vinho e as; Contradições

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6. Temple Of Delusion

Yet another morning aching; Still reaching out for another; How long? days, weeks, months? Does it really matter? Like the bird on the ground; Alive, unable to fly; Needing its fix; To reach dizzy hei...

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