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1. I Love You

fire burns the night away; on the streets the homeless stray; panic's risin in the sea; oiltanks are duck's enemies; war and peace, can't separate; for the world it is to late; starvation on the telev...

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2. Kill (senile Hysteria)

i don't need no family; no friends to be alive; they just want my money; the execution; dead, the mainthing; when is he gonna die; when will he be defeated; the sickness; down, they want to bring me; ...

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3. Last Day Is Done

people tried to run away; as morning came to light the day; last night was hell and future's black; children cry the parents pray; military's in the town; is this a war? they shot around; noone knows ...

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4. Promise

i don't know; the first time was an empty street; the second was a battlefield; and the third never will be done; you give me strength to carry on; to make myself a better day; to take your hand and f...

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5. Smash The Silence

a room so full of emptyness; disclosing to my eyes; a heart so empty of lonelyness; is beatin' deep inside; a mind without a memory; is dying in my head; a cold and broken body; still rotting in my be...

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