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1. Don't Wanna Miss You

Ohhh,Ohhh; You say you love me every day; And then you always run away; I don't know what I need to do; To show you I am in love with you; You are the ONE; It's not just for fun; Don't wanna miss you,...

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2. Run Away

I’m stuck in a mirror; What I see is what I am, Today everything is changing; But I will be the same; Believe in a free world; You will learn to smile sometimes, I think I’m a dreamer; But I dream wit...

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3. Walking On Fire

Oh-oh-oh-oh; Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh; Baby,when you hold my hand; There's something I don't understand; It feels like all the world is crumbling down; And when you put your lips on mine; The moon is falling...

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4. When We're Together

Only you can make me smile; Carry me a thousand miles; Ohh you , You make me fly; Only you can make me say that i'm happy evereyday; Baby i love you in everey single way; When you kiss me seeding flow...

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