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1. Alter Reality

Everything is tied, even God has his strings; There's left much pride... Heritage of old kings... Woven with laws, woven with lies; Life's the cause, Pain's the prize; But I can change, everything aro...

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2. Bridge Of Snow

Travelling... lands of Snow; I came across a bridge of choice; Meeting... The One below; Recognizing his unique Voice; Doubts on the bridge of Snow; Crossing or not is the question; All that remains i...

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3. Castle

Billions of years ago, sudden I was there; Placed on a rock, around it a lake, the borders that far; In the middle of the waste, it rose to the sky; The place was warmed by a young, yellow burning sta...

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4. Exposed

Since long... been floating... through oceans... alone... Big walls of ice protect me for the outside; It's cold inside, a neverending grey night; Despite the safety, I dream and moan; They're always ...

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5. The Emperor's Children

Children... on their way; Travelling... lands of Snow; They are... on a mission; Five... so they say; Exposure... long ago; Causing... purple visions; Consumed by innocence (?); When clouds of the lor...

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6. The Seventh Empire

I am the Emperor, ruling all known universe; I have absolute power and absolute thirst... Thirsty for even more, wasting energy in great haste; Eager to learn the Lore, fertilizing psionic waste; Conq...

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7. Travelling

Travelling space and time, swooping down from skies; Fourth-dimension crime, fields of hope the prize; Inner states of pain, overwhelming memory; With an immense strain, I forget the Prophecy; Nights ...

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