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1. Far From Alright

Change your name; Wash your hands of me baby; Run away; It's too late for maybe; Cuz you broke down the barriers; Cuz nothing was scarier than love; So you gave up; We were poison; When it was too muc...

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2. Farewell

You hold my hand; The other holds a suitcase; As you leave to find; That one place I can?t be; My tears, they dance; In one straight motion; Down my cheeks; As I know this is; The last you'll see of m...

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3. Goodnight & Goodbye

Oh,what have I done; It seems I?ve messed up more than major; I guess it?s better sooner than later; As far as we go; Oh,where did you go; It seems your hiding out for your hearts safety; Cuz all I?ve...

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