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1. All About Love

Excuse me mister got a little story that I'd like to share; Hey little sister you're so lonely oh if only you could hear me yeah; I found a love that's never gonna let you down (go); Been a long, been...

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2. Alright

Hey weatherman I don't understand I think you said clearly clear skies was the forecast today (but where did they go?); Well I'm lookin' west I see cloudy skies at best and to the east storm clouds ar...

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3. Close Your Eyes

Hold on to my hand don't be afraid; I want to take you to a special place; Put a big smile on your face; All pain has been erased for good; You lie there helpless you can't go on; I'll get you through...

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4. Focus

How suddenly we move from life to death; In a moment move from full to nothing left; Unshakeable faith how quickly turns to fear; Went from holding you close to wishing You were here; What I cannot do...

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5. Love's Done Something

Life was a roller coaster ride, pushin' me up down side to side; I could barely hold on spinnin' out of control; I was lost, lost like a ship in the deep blue sea; Like an angel of light You came to r...

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6. Revolution

Stand up please state your name; Is there something you'd like to say; Speak up man you've got the floor; Tell me what you believe; What is your everything; What do you live and die for; Livin' life s...

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7. Wastin' Time

Let's take a ride through the country side; Cool breeze electric pale blue skies; I've been given' keys to this paradise; I'm livin' large it's a good good life; Here we are just wastin' time; I can n...

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8. Weighted

This i know, there's a higher place we can go; So much more to this life than what you live for; I do believe there is a love that sets you free; From all your pain so you can fly again; Loves waited ...

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9. Whole World In His Hands

When all around is fading; Nothing seems to last; When this day is filled with sorrow; Still I know with all my heart; He's got the whole world in his hands 2x; I fear no evil for You are with me; Str...

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10. You Alone

I've come to Your throne here so cold and alone; I'm calling on Your name; I lift my hands to the sky open wide and I cry Lord take me away; Take this heavy heart and this weary soul and set them free...

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