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1. Bike Notes

Chicago steals the stars in the sky; At least it's willing to share; Thanks for keeping me in mind; But I think I'll stay in tonight; No more bike rides late at night; No more walks home under streetl...

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2. Cities & Memory

You advance with your head turned back; What you see is behind you; Do your journeys take place only in the past? Because the past changes according; To the route you follow; Each new city, you'll fin...

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3. Hiccups

It's not clear what's outside; To draw you and others there; A search for what you don't have; Maybe you weren't meant to find it; Close the door, lock the gate; We've got everything we need; A patter...

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4. Lautrec

I can't breathe this stale air; The walls are closing in; The lamp is burned out; I haven't slept in weeks; Dressers decorate the walls; I hope they hold; The doors are off their hinges; I haven't bee...

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5. Midwest Values

A front room with wooden floors; Lights are flashing; An office with wooden doors; Walls are crumbling; A basement with wooden stairs; They're breaking; This old house is creaking; So I'll stay outsid...

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6. Model Trains

So keep telling me these stories; I swear I'll listen and not be jealous; Grow up, go out, work on what matters; I swear I'll listen and not be bitter; I can't decide quite yet what I should do next; ...

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7. Narrow Hallways

Alone with all the things that I've done; Living and thinking in minutes; My small days spill into light years; Now I can pretend to live a life of starting over; Forget what I used to be; There are d...

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8. Six Parts Summer

We threw out the fall; We knew it'd still be there when we moved; There's no mountains in this neighborhood; But the view from this roof isn't bad; The same songs never sound old; When they're played ...

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