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Letra da Música Just for you de Cassia Novello

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Love is supposed to be free
But for desire we have to pay
Now it's your turn to beg for my love
From now until Doomsday

For the first time I sang a blues
Now I'm playing it just for you

There is no love inside your heart
It's such a dark and an empty space
So please just shut up and let me sing for you
Your words don't matter anyway

I'll tell you something
I don't want you anymore
You have wasted my time, you have broken my heart
And now what?

So, please, go away
Go away and close the door
Go away, go away, until Doomsday
Close the door

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Número de Palavras 96
Número de Letras 544
Intérprete Cassia Novello

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