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1. March

March; I get up at nine, I go to work; I come home at five, I feel so alive; I'm free, I'm free; Nights are for T.V., I'm too tired for sex; I watch my program, it's me, it's me; I'm free, I'm free; A...

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2. Motherad

Night falls over the city like a cloak of invisibility; Wrapping around me, wrapping me round; It's penetrating, it's reaching down, down, down, down; It's grabbing my genes and it's twisting, it's tw...

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3. Penny Century

Penny, Penny Century; I love you, I love you; Don't go away, don't go away; Never go away, never go away; Come back and stay, stay with me; Penny Century, Penny Century; Penny Century; I want to conqu...

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4. Pickup

All dressed up and no address to go to; Strawberry lips, sweet as honey; Let's go out, let's go to dinner; Some peace of mind, some piece of money; Pick me up; Put me down; Pick me up; Lemon hair and ...

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5. Power

Power, energy; Controlling life, controlling people; Give me power, lots of it; To control my life, to control your life; Power; Power, coming from the speaker; Power, coming from the bass; Creating t...

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6. Prairie Bitch

Switch on; Pina, beautiful angel; Take my hand, lead me; Across the sand; To the promised land; Face the sun; Face the truth; Face the enemy; Oh, Pina, face the truth in me; Fading scars, white lies; ...

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7. Presents (come Of Age)

Let's all go back in my time machine; My window to the world, it's hit and myth; Back to old age, swinging Sixties; Swinging from a tree; When I was a child I thought I was a man; I was right; All I n...

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8. Report From The Back

Helen Earth's a young girl; And she never gets much older; Though I see her every day; She always comes this way; Helen, Helen Earth; Helen Earth goes off to sea; Comes back home in time for tea; She ...

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9. Twice As Good

I have the most beautiful girl in the world; But I still want another; You're not the best, I know that's true; But you're here right now and I want you; Lay your hand upon my thigh; Look into my chan...

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10. Wonderworld

Wonderworld; Carrying Churchill's coffin across the river; Vaulting on the backs of niggers in the pits; Wonderworld; Redesign the future in the past; Doing doggy paddles in a painted sea; Wonderworld...

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