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1. A Knock Upon The Door

?Hell!? sang the young minstrel, ?hang tightly to your purses! Bitter winter on this blonde city and utter curses!? The song ended and the onlookers did roar; Were I sincere, you bet I'd hear; A knock...

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2. Buried Alive

Buried alive. Buried alive. ; Waking up to the breath of the ore, in the sea of black; If you cut a worm in two the other half will grow back; If I'm alive or dead I don't really care as long as my so...

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3. County Line

On my way to you, old county; Hoping nothing's changed; That your pain is never-ending; That is, it's still the same; County line. County line, county line; I left so far behind; You never even *tried...

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4. Don't Vote

Your uncle had an old saying:; "if you don't vote, then you can't complain"; Sizing up candidates 1st election day; You thought: "I'm 18 and have no opinion either way"; You had a lot of friends but n...

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5. Harmonia

Friend of mine; Let me show you; How the days in between; Have become so few; Friend of mine; United by dream; Make me a part of you; And I will you of me; Friend of mine, forever; Let us travel high;...

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6. Hermit's Cave

In my twenty-seventh year; I set out to confront my fears; And found the role of a lifetime; You see, two plus seven is nine; And the ninth card in the tarot; Is that hermit I came to know; In london ...

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7. Medusa's Outhouse

Help me, help me to remember to forget; To forget what hasn't happened yet; Knock me down that mystic slide again; Tell me, tell me about medusa's outhouse; Medusa's outhouse, and the hornet's nest; S...

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8. Memory's Stain

Memory's stain appeared to you in the bath; Memory's stain, body laundered, soul it hath; I have a confession; In the form of a question:; How could you entertain; Trading know-how for a stain? Look n...

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9. Pleasant Shadow Song

I heard of a place; That time can't erase; Of beauty and grace; Beulah! You scoff at my card; Guess I'm no abelard; “I don't know…” just how far; Is beulah; Would only to song; Weren't indulgent and w...

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10. Run Sister Run

They're coming at you from all sides; To imprint your body and say they didn't; The highest authority on cheez whiz; Hiding behind a supreme court urinal; Run, sister, run; Or do male justices piss in...

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11. Saturday Song

Saturday, saturday; While away; Staring off into the red; Moments outnumbering hairs on her head; She's everything today; You're everything today; Saturday; While away, saturday; Lead me astray; Nothi...

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12. The Lonely Doll

In tribute to all things petite; Pretty and sweet, the lonely doll. This first I offer a greet; And desire to repeat the lonely doll. ; A poetry painted from truth; But imagine the suit the lonely dol...

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