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1. Baby James

My first lover was real sweet, he made a woman out of me, but he left as quick as he came, my Baby James. Mama said I was naive, 'said one day he'd pick up and leave me. But 'till then I swore I'd sta...

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2. Better In Manhattan

Put on my lipstick, I know its gonna get big tips, Steppin into costume so I can give my patrons kicks; Step outside for a cigarette and its starting to snow, Every time it gets cold I begin to think ...

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3. Cabin Fever

Autumn's coming in through the yard, Marching like a grandfather clock; The badges he wears are tattered and old; Like shredded ribbons of bright read and gold; His arms are stiff and they're sure the...

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4. Doctor Monroe

Years ago the phone rang off the hook for Dr. Monroe; But he's erased the names in his little black book, he's living alone; Oh, you might have seen him chain-smoking on national TV; Drinking scotch o...

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5. Embroidery

Since I was a girl, I’ve been good at embroidery; I finished up my finishing school in Switzerland; Then I escaped to Evian, wound my car down the alps, lived only on apricots; Picked by the side of t...

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6. Everything

Since I was a child I could read the tides by the colours of the clouds; When I grew I left in the spring and took only my piano and some gin; But when I’m awake and I feel my head is swinning; Then w...

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7. Fat Old Man

You’ve moved off to Seattle; You go down yo the bar every day; This morning you woke up in the park; Wearing only a tiny straw hat; You’ve got a mad dog with a bad leg; And a comb full of rotten teeth...

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8. Frankie And Annette

Frankie and Annette ran off at sixteen and it all started at a red sox ball game; In a cracker jack box, Frankie found a ring and said "how's about making me a man?"; Frankie was just laid off at the ...

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9. The Coffee Beanery

The coffee beanery was about to explode; Or was it a field; Nobody knows; Nobody saw it coming; But for days; The forecast predicted frost; The TV's radiated ice; The Toyota became a baked Alaska; And...

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10. The La La Song

Knowing you makes all the difference; Don't it darling; Knowing all your if's and why's; Your when's and how's; December comes in as a short procession; A little punctured, a little heartbroken; But n...

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11. Tundra

I called in sick to the bathtub today; Somebody pulled the plug on me; So I’ll gather up my skirts to the sink; Made a bubble bath until (?); You held me like a tundra; Shifting blocks of ice, pulling...

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