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1. 1,000 Miles Away

I'm out in the cold; I see in your window; The music's on; I'm watching you sway; Just yesterday; In February's dark; We watched the stars; Explode until day came; How can you stand right there; And b...

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2. Atomic Number

I'm not the freckled maid; I'm not the fair-haired girl; I'm not a pail of milk for you to spoil; Why are the wholesome things; The ones we make obscene? Latin words across my heart; Symbols of infini...

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3. Behind the Armory

Flies in amber sand in soap; Air trapped in the glass; Tongue tied I cut and run; Fleeing ever faster; Behind the armory; I will never let you see; Behind the armory; Still I want you to love me; Slee...

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4. Blue Fires

Why does the heart of the flame burn blue? Why do January cherries bloom? Why do blue fires burn in me; Yet not in you? How can the prairie flocks keep their courses true; And navigate the stars as th...

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5. Down I-5

Driving down I-5; I don't ever want to die; Cause I'd no more get to see; All this beauty passing by me; Laundry on the line; Truckers passing on the right; Every color on the wind; You know you're li...

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6. Georgia Stars

We took a trip my georgia and me; Up through the wild strawberries; Up past the river running loud; We pitched a tent above the clouds; Georgia georgia; Can you hear me calling in the grave; Alone in ...

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7. Greens of June

Just in the moment; Everything's changed; My dark disposition; Has been rearranged; And what was I thinking; Out there on the ledge; Your steady eyes pull me; Straight back from the edge; [Chorus]; An...

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8. I Want To Be Here

I just want; I wanna be here with you; Not bracing for what comes next; I've got some new words; I can see sideways; If there's a limit; It hasn't found me yet; My friend is an artist; Doesn't fit in;...

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9. Song for Judee

[Verse 1]; You wrote "The Kiss" and it is beautiful; I can listen again and again; You never really got a break; From the carwrecks and the pain; [Chorus]; You loved the songs of the pioneers; And the...

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10. Supermoon

Supermoon; Where all the diamond deals are made; We never used to live this long; We're pioneers my dear press on, move along; And if my smile; Seems painted on once in awhile; I can count on you; To ...

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