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1. Dread Head Dream

You right -- Uh huh, All right, Uh huh; I fell away from the light; It all started on this dark starry night; I said, Hey Man with a guitar in hand came up to me; I wonder what he do, a beat; Things p...

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2. Easy

Know it sounds funny; But I just can't stand the pain; Girl I'm leaving you tomorrow; Seems to me girl; You know I've done all I can; You see I begged, stole; And I borrowed; Ooh, that's why I'm easy;...

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3. I Wish That I

I wish that I; Was a master of saying goodbye; I wish that you; Understood that I love you; I wish that we; Could be ourselves and still be happy; I wish that I; I wish that I; Girl your love is makin...

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4. Lost

I don't see like you do; Don't understand the things you do; All these words you say to me that I don't understand. ; But love; (oh maybe love); Will pray to God so I can see; Just like you and your r...

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5. Show You Love

Don't ask me anything; I will not know; Don't ask me why I sing; I will not know; All alone, on my own; Without her by my side; What to do, what can I say? I'm in love with a girl; Who don''t understa...

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6. Take a Chance

Yeahh, yeahhh I, Yeah, yeahhh I; Baby we've been talking for awhile; And I must say, that I dig your stile; No other girl has made me feel this way; Tha's why, why I, I need to know today; Say what I ...

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7. Time and Truth

When I'm talking to you; I look deep into those eyes; I'm wondering why; I continue to tell you lies; If I said I'm sorry; Would you care? Or would you just stand there pretty; Playing with your hair?...

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8. Walking On The Moon

Giant steps are what we take; Walking on the moon; I hope my legs don't break; Walking on the moon; We could walk forever; Walking on the moon; We could be together; Walking on, walking on the moon; W...

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9. Will I Find

Uuu ... uuuu uuu; Will I find ? What I've been looking for ... Is it mine ? Everything and more ... Is it time ? To open your beat door ... Will I find ? Or will I search some more.. ; It gets hard in...

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