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This is my final hour,
my final words to say:

Don´t you cry any tears for me
and don´t beg me to stay.
The arms of death are opened,
I shall no longer wait,
I´m entering the holy halls
where there is no more hate.

The voice of death is calling,
refuseless I will go;
I´ll see the world behind the stars
that only I will know.
Leaving you here is bitter
seing you cry is hard,
but there is nothing I can do,
it is my turn to part.

I´ll walk on the black stormclouds,
I´ll see the holy gate,
I always knew how it will be,
it´s always been my fate.
I lived a life full of pride
and a new life now shall begin:
Valhalla´s gates are opened wide
and proudly I walk in.

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Número de Palavras 114
Número de Letras 670
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