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1. Gone

Seeming as low as the shit; I was born under. need a new life, Need a new life a new other way to get out from the pain. I'll escape it now. watching the rain; As it drips down to our grave. We'll die...

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2. Hell I've Made

Feeling is the hardest thing to do. Actions lead by words of Ignorance. Hatred that manifests inside. ; Controls my pathetic existance. Fuck this. I am alone in this hell; I've made for me. Lost my so...

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3. Reduced To Nothing

Inflicting Self inflicting my sorrow. Unto pain this one release. When I hate me I will scrape me. From the inside-out. Unmourning. ; Bleedless, relentless I'll die before this sickness. To escape thi...

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4. Sick

Take Away Years from the other lost souls Again. Waiting with your blood. Transfuse all thoughts and feel into me. Seeing Here I am again. Didn't take long to get a step farther, Closer to an End. ; D...

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5. Tears For The Wasted

Seeing through tears, Just the same as the other days. Happiness comes like it goes. Watch it crumbling. ; Smile for you in a way just to mask the pain. Ask yourself why should he even go on. As if an...

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