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1. As Wolves Are Fed

Rancor storms forge ahead; catapulted forth to subdue; force the hands of the reluctant ones into the fire; Rise to cast aside these chains; by which we are enslaved; The lustfilled ones who shun the ...

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2. Burn The Dead

Pestilence arise, damnation; vermin spread; breeding sickness, like rats; bodies scattered; Bring out the stakes; burn the dead; Decimated crowds, turmoil; abandon; no escaping the plauge; the infesta...

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3. Creatures With Wings

Rise to the bleeding sky; in unholy rapture; carried by wings bolted; in flesh of unhuman backs; Enter the creatures with wings; Dejected soul in despair; pain infested journey; envenomed life at end;...

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4. Darker Skies

Descending into suffering; Only to emerge with their lies inside my veins; Insemimated with fear; Indoctrination complete, regression of the soul; Transformation into insanity; Sick minds allowed to b...

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5. Flatline

The end of life lies before me; a vast space of emptiness ahead; to travel into the unknown fo find out; what lies beyond our existence; Flatline, the final frontier is here; the end of the line as I'...

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6. Imhotep

Truth lays hidden; hidden under sand; skunned through aeons; as a pariah; Worshippers of Anubis; followers of Ra; knowledge obtained; by teachers from above; Inherit... forgotten realms; of the travel...

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7. Millenium

Once again we fall to comprehend; the laws of the universe; reassembled through the centuries our demise turns to flesh; The planets all positioned to evoke the cleansing; unhuman shapes appear in all...

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