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1. Afterlife Sorrow

Like blood my tears flow, sorrow engulfing me; A being that is lost, in ways of arcane lore; Love that i knew, now rots in perverted; Form, that i fed with life, now i'm just... ; Restlesss soul doome...

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2. Blessing In Depths

permanent mourning a condolence for my eternal soul; an invitation to a carnival a sad celebration beyond; i ascend from my stifening shell and descend to my new home; i banish my humanity... as i'm b...

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3. Consenguine To Understanding

life has no meaning to a fiend like myself; * "overturned, inside out; gasified, i'll fumigate"; my gruesome philisophy, rational anarchy; introverts hallucinations cognitue conjurations; "i rise upon...

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4. Ether Depression

before my infant eyes, our universe opens up wide; pre-destined lifeline, administrates me from cradle to grave; peak of innocence, adolescence my fall from grace; ejected conscience nowadays in depre...

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5. The Altar

dead people in your body bags; rotten prepared for the ritual; rancide meat dripping of liquefied flesh; ideal material for the sacrifice; on your altar built of gave stones and human bones; intercour...

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6. The Underworld

reflection of a long rotten; distorted soulles harmony; a vision that is best forgotten; moribund to mistery; * sacred rites in soulofrst - decrying of my innermost; * harvest on the emotional field -...

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