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1. Hammer Smashed Face

There's something inside me; It's, it's coming out; I feel like killing you; Let loose the anger, held back too long; My blood runs cold; Through my anatomy, dwells another being; Rooted in my cortex,...

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2. No Warning Shot

The end of all law; 4 shots fired another body falls; I execute the guilty violently; Undercover killing spree - no warning shot; Die motherfucker, die, die; Die motherfucker, die, die; Die motherfuck...

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3. Revenge Of The Zombie

From the grave I will escape; Maggots crawl from out my skull; The worms they feed upon my brain; The life I lost I now regain; And my skin has molded green; Bullet holes through flesh and bone; Half ...

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4. Ruins

I knew they were Accursed; So remote were these nameless desert ruins; Crumbling and inarticulate the debris of; Its collapsed walls was; Nearly hidden by the sands of the uncounted ages; It must have...

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