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1. Another Chance To Kill

St one more time to feel the pain. (to touch your emptiness, to feel your empty kiss); Just one more time to be alone; (to fall into a place, to hide my loving grace); Just one more time to feed the w...

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2. Damage Incorporated

Rotting flesh upon your plate; Weapons, siege, incorporate; Damage to the manmade shade; Victory is ours to take. Conquering the simple lie; Conquering the simple mind; Praying to a so-called fate; We...

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3. Jackal

Lead the creed of consciousness; Kill to feel the emptiness; Fill the people's consciousness; Burn the table of regret. ; Lead the creed.

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4. Machine

Lift your banner high on a mountain. Raise your voice, sanctify me. Behold the noise kingdom of nations; Behold creation and feel the machine. Your fears amazed, settle in deeper. Your thoughts escape...

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5. Pugnacious Fallacies

Leaning toward another world; A world of the elite; Infected spider on your skin; Bite me again and again; Locked inside your medieval maze; No way inside to infect the sign; All bets off...the turbo ...

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6. United

We came to kill...the sorrow left within our souls; We came to kill...the shame you left within us all. We came to kill...forbidden paths of righteousness. We came to fill the void of emptin...

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7. Vengeance

Shelter from sun. Cancerous light; Destroy the ones who put up a fight. Ignite the flame, torture the youth; Then burn the blame, cover the bruise. ; Assume the right, take the device; Behold the sigh...

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8. Violence In Your Eyes

Revenge, rage, poetry of hate. Mass abominations of mass denominations. Erase the races and terminate them; Serve the servants, serve dust rusted blood. ; The violence in your eyes.

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9. War Cry

Murder, Decided; Stand up tight; Decide your right. ; Torture, Inflicted; Search and find; Destroy their mind. ; Suffer; Nothing; Place what hurts; Into the dirt. ; Conquer; It all; Search and find; D...

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