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1. And Forever

And she leaves you, sees you, weeping as you; thought you saw the storm, callous colours of drawings; without seeing in, the negativity a lie and the all; deluded moonlight prescribed screaming abyss ...

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2. Blood Dance

And she watched and she waited. Loving a time eaten by demons and; cursing the day. A sombre seed of a mirrored point, just an idea. Laughing in a kaleidoscope of blood and honey... it was all just; a...

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3. Drain The Labyrinth

A breath of darkness; an existance painted in thriving red; a crown of ivy; and she danced... the branches trying to catch her; with desirous, clawing dead love; and she tranced... morbid tales fill h...

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4. Ludus

Dreaming chaos screaming weeping; love this enemy, call my name; run this nightmare, freezing horizon; watchers and dancers playing the game; Here lies the heresy; and pillars we know; fantasy drying ...

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5. Mirrored In Scarry Skies

Dimensions of entities between the light perceived, A gazing maze in creations plane, the mirrored sea unleashed, Chaos divine with evil behind, a serpents mind crystallised, Caressing the shadows wit...

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6. Perpetual Dancer

perpetual dancer; lost in the streams; of innocent violation; and the time denotes only a chaos; of certainty. perpetual dancer; let me wreathe this braided flesh; upon your head; and love you in the ...

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7. Requiem Spell

watching a thread of silver mar my eyes. Losing an intensity; which once did not exist. Left alone a mirror of black, takes; away the truth of existance aeturnal, did you ever really know it; anyway? ...

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8. Sense Of Face

We will, we will not be found; Sacred, sacred is our holy ground; Rebirth, we fight for the right; The right for our fate is bringing war; The order of strength we light the fire; The fire in our brai...

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9. Temptress Luna

And she rides the never world of her own majestic mountain. And; remembering the snow and the demons, she flies... Across a; scarlet forever, with a shimmering more divine. The witches ride; the sabba...

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10. The Abyss's Mystic Haze

The ocean reaps with nothingless pain, for foreign godless pass my entity sees another pray, swirless of desolate concealment rides the waves, where fantasies curl in the abyss's mystic maze. ; Castin...

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11. The Painting

And the dream, the dream shatters; you can't run from me anymore; I've loved you with forever; as I saw you at the door. ; And she screams as he tells her who she is; reaps at the void she never touch...

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12. Void Dress

And we reap on frathered ground; the fallen where we walk; knowledge secrets, smirking mirrors; as they lurk where; we've always thought; Drying ice in the land of gliding; ziggurats erected from writ...

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