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1. Die For You

All my doubts are so deep, if it dones true I'll go mad! Every night, I fall asleap with the fear in my head. I don't long for your money, I don't long for all your sex! Something glitters in your han...

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2. Heroes

Everything is goin' wrong, if you want to be alive, You have to be strong and you don't have to cry. They are heroes, when bullet zoom around, They are heroes and everywhere is blood. People are screa...

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3. Infant Brutality

[Narrator:]; Is a bed dream or is it real? Something's changed I'm stratin'to feel! Th'Innocence of children's dead! Oh, what beast dwells in the head? Crystal tears are falling down; Of despered moth...

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4. Judge Of Life

Don't believe in ressurrection, ressurrection of the soul, Don't believe in fucking creation, we celebreated all"; We were so deep in lies, can't see in the eyes, Mercy on his fall. I hope only in his...

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5. Plague

Thousand's of people are dying in pain, Asking for fast end in mercyful flame. No one helps them untill they're gone; Untill thein flesh is burnt, milled is each bone. Putrit stink can smell in the ai...

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6. Revenge From The Darkness

So you thaught I'll forget? Oh no, no my friend, still can remember that! Each while I can replay! No it's needless to pray! No one will hear you, nothing can save you! [Ref.:]; I'll find you in your ...

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7. Suicide

When I sitting on my floor behind enemy close the door. I'm not a manowar, but inside me still is a war. I'm looking on my face and don't see my eyes, My life is race and full of fucking lies. Fear! I...

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8. Underworld

I'm coming to your kingdom my lord, Standing naked in front of you. Crawling to your legs, Waiting for your castigation.... Suffering!!! There's no sun, even moon, There's no stars in the sky, But the...

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