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1. Afterparty

(Roshon); She's got a phone call; A hot tip; Where to go y'all; I heard about; Another dance y'all; Ain't no way; They gonna shut us down; Listen up; Girls and boys; I declare it's time to make some n...

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2. All I Want For Christmas

I don't want a lot for christmas; There is just one thing I need; I don't care about presents; Underneath the christmas tree; I just want you for my own; More than you could ever know; Make my wish co...

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3. Roam

I hear a wind; Whistling air; Whispering in my ear; Boy mercury shooting through every degree; Oh girl dancing down those dirty and dusty trails; Take it hip to hip rocking through the wilderness; Aro...

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4. The Star I R

I'll always be honest; I'll always be proud; A long way from heaven; Then I turn around; And here I am; Ready to sink or swim now; With my back against the wall; I stood tall, everything around me; Ma...

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