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1. A Case Of You

Just before our love got lost you said; "I am as constant as a northern star"; And I said, "Constant in the darkness; Where's that at? If you want me I'll be in the bar"; On the back of a cartoon coas...

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2. All I Have

ALL I HAVE; Words & Music: Lavelle / Eleanor McEvoy; There was a time I gave too much away And many times I craved a touch too deeply Now I stand on my own alone There was a time, but that has gone fo...

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3. Anima Rising

On the edges, time is still forever; Waiting for your sign; Choosing like a child; Brilliant midnight, selfish in pleasures; Knowing when to know to turn or go alone; On the water you hold a face; Ref...

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4. Anxiety

I let him in, he won't stay out; The wrong one, he loves me, unshakable doubt; He waits for me to wake me up, 'til he wrings me out every drop; Under sun while I race he waits patient in my bed; A smi...

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5. Come To Me

Come to me; While I'm sleeping; And their wagging tongues; Will not find you my love; All the while; They dull; Our lighter souls fuse; Fly and dive my love; So stamp the night so strong; That I will ...

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6. Desire

Desire brings on madness; And that madness is directed at you; The touch of you unwinds me; And entwines me in a vision of you; I'm drowning in sweet desire; The scent of you attracts me; And entraps ...

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7. Dream Of Picasso

Tonight I shall sleep with the ghost of Picasso; And I'll draw the arms of the city close around us; 'That one he died' I'll tell him, and he'll say; 'So did I it's no big thing'; And he'll paint a bl...

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8. Firefly Night

I was drawn to the light just a little curious; Then I grew to needing it bright; I began to speak of us; By the time you realize you're on the losing side; It's too late for regrets, too late for reg...

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9. Forget The Few

The whole world holds its breath; At the place where your fingertips touch my hair; And my heart turns over the first time; I dare hold your eyes with mine:; Forget the few, be one, just once tonight....

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10. Gently Johnny

He put his hand all in her hair; And she said "I like it there,"; He put his hand all on her lips; And she said "please tell me this:; Gently gently gently johnny; Gently johnny my jingalo; Gently gen...

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11. Home Of The Whale

Oh my love he works upon the sea; On the waves that blow wild and free; He splices the ropes and he sets the sail; While southwards he roams to the home of the whale; And he ne'er thinks of me far beh...

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12. Karma

I am a russian doll; Layers beneath the skin; I have no interest to see how I keep all that stuff in; Cause now I've found you; Faithless, same as me; It waits just like an animal, patient like an ani...

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13. Lagan Love

Where lagan streams sing lullabies; Through clouds of lilies fair; The half-light gleam is in his eyes; The night is on his hair; Like a love-sick lenashee; He has my heart to call; No life have I; No...

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14. Moorlough Shore

I have waited long for you to come back home; To hear you call my name again; In my heart's deep soul you've not changed at all; And the years have passed you by; Your sweet lips that lingered on my s...

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15. She Said

When I heard that golden voice in my head; She said come away from windows of glass; If you don't wanna follow then leave them there; And you'll find that the feeling will pass; She said:; "You don't ...

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16. Sheherazade

I'll be your sheherazade; Tell it new each night; I'll be your sheherazade; Keep my life each night; Like the air like the sea like the earth more than life; Let the rain come down on me; I will turn ...

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17. Simply Lyric

The space his leaving creates; I have tried to fill with bodies that numbed my skin; In them I had expected to find his opposites; I found only forgeries; He's away and I cannot breathe him in; When I...

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18. Sleep Now

Sleep now, your blood moving in the quiet wind; No longer afraid for the others; Hurrying through the tall grass; Or the faces laughing on the beach, sleep now; You do not hear the dry wind pray; Or t...

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19. So Uncool

SO UNCOOL; Words & Music: Lavelle; I'm so uncool that my fingers almost burn. They've been known to strip the skin like the sun. Come & touch me brave heart with your velvet skin; you're playing games...

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20. The Fall

I found the fall beguiling my body hanging in the rushing air; But when my daylight had shrunk I wished to all life that I Wasn't there; And speaking in the darkness I tried to make a joke; And to my ...

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21. The Freeze

I'll meet you; Where the path meets the beach; Where the tree leans out over the water; Slender and tender; Olive green; How can it survive the freeze? You smell of the trees; You're the one of the fo...

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22. The Island

Tomorrow night I will go down to the island; And look for footprints of yours in the foam; I can wait til the sea gives up her lovers; Til I find you asleep on a stone; I'll wait; Where are you? I'll ...

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23. Turning Ground

I see the first ones lately much more clearly; Spilling blood along the turning ground; Diving in your eyes... ; Will you feel the softly spoken lies? Will you find what lives behind my eyes?

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24. Universal

There's beauty in the dance of the cloud; That is me and the cloud; That is you in the rhythm of stars; And the shining wet grass in the morning; And we're all born of a wish; An unlikely form of coin...

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25. Waititng For Rain

When the ground drives like sand; And you're losing it from both hands; When you're flowering is denied, you're; Waiting for rain, waiting for rain; When your staging has had its day; Just indulging i...

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