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1. Dealin'

It's been two weeks since I've seen my kids; 'Cause my ex-wife won't take my calls; They changed my shift at work; It's getting cold and my shoulder hurts; But here I am, copin' with it all; Dealin' w...

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2. Get Outta My Way

Hey, step aside brother, you're blockin' my view. But let me pretend I'm talkin' to you, (Talkin' to you.); 'Cause I'm lookin' at her, an' I like what I see. No, don't turn around, she's lookin' at me...

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3. How It Should Be

Last night I had a vission, Things I've never seen, They were bigger then wishes and better then dreams, I reached out to touch them, but they slipped through my hands, Like palm trees and water that ...

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4. I Ain't Scared

Oooh, yeah, yeah; I've been known to walk away; From love before; When it got serious I took off; Runnin' for the door; Made a point not to get hurt anymore; But there's no way I'm out; 'cause I've no...

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5. Isn't She

Isn't she supposed to be in California; Yea, yea, yeah, yeah; Man in the mirror said, 'Boy, I tried to warn 'ya'; Yea, yea, yeah, yeah; I know there's no one here but me; So why do I still feel her; I...

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6. Louisiana Love

The tension in the air is so damn thick; You can cut it with a knife, stir it with a stick; It’s like Mississipi mud umm and it gets in your blood; Steam’s rollin up off a blacktop streak; Sweatin lik...

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7. That's Alright With Me

She wants to paint the kitchen pink; And she wants to know what I think; And I say, pink looks good on you; Now she wants to lose a couple of walls; Shine a little light down the hall; And I say, that...

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