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1. As Lonely As You

Your hair, strings, shape, face; Your mouth, voice, saturation; You’re perfect in your place; Oh, girl, I would like to feel you; I’m feeling lonely; I’m as lonely as you; All I’m asking is; If would ...

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2. Astron

Hey, come on; Come back; Don?t run! I?m not crazy at all; The E.T.?s are after me, girl; They were playing with my eyeballs; They took me after dinner; I were in a deep sleep; They gave me strange ple...

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3. I’m Not That Cretin

When I see an ugly couple; I think love is awful; But you are fine and I am fine; In our way love is beautiful; When I walk among smiling faces; I feel the disease of happiness; But you are happy and ...

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4. Jane Goodall

I know you don’t know; Her face is famous; For monkeys cigarettes are sweet; Cigarettes are sweet; I want you to tell me what’s happening; I want you to be stormy to be rainy; Look at his furry hands ...

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5. Ready For Cure

Need to talk about anarchy; Before I sing my last release; Because I ain’t no Russian; And I have no mane; But I am Italian descendent; At least a crest; Yes, I am shooting some stake; In their chests...

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6. Satellite

We took the same train; I didn’t even ask; What were you planning; The anxiety in my chest; I am as strange; As an old friend; I used to call him mirror; And now he’s broken into little pieces; Yeah; ...

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7. Skip The Crap

I wanna be, much more simple, but I wanna feel the way soul should feel warm inside. I know my body is my temple, but I wanna be a greater god living inside. ; All I can do is try to skip the crap and...

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8. Skydiving

I’ve got nothing to do with the abyss; Nothing to do with darkness; Nothing to do with killers dressed like clowns; I would like to live in skydiving; Falling off the blue; Out of the blue she gave me...

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9. Sunny Sister

Aren’t you a child who doesn’t know what’s going on around you? Aren’t you a child hiding, thinking they’re not going to find you? I saw your eyes, they were looking at me; Tell me now what I’m going ...

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10. Vortex Train

Almost explode; my frightening brain; Life is so boring; I’m going insane; I drink some coffee; Put into my veins; I gonna get a vortex train; To get higher; And then I stand

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