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1. Burnin'

I've got to know, how you feel? With the flame in your heart is real; I've got to know, in the spot; Gonna light up world in the dark; I've got to know, they're stand; Cause my heart in the power your...

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2. Doctor´s Orders

- Hello? - Hi honey, It's me. I went to see the doctor today, ´Cos ever since you've been gone; I've had a pain deep down inside; He said, there's nothing really wrong with me; I'm just missing my man...

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3. I Want To Stay With You

Inside, outside, up and around; Love set me up and love let me down; What a game, feel like I? One day sun, next day rain; And you ask me if I even care; Don't you know the answer; Rainy day blues nev...

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