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Letra da Música Devotion de Carnival

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Can you love and take my sperm
And kill with (your) compassion?
Can you be a priest for me?
And make me swallow your vomit?

Can´t escape the grand eye
Noticing every factor.
When will you have me again?
Betray me every time.

Sacrifice everything for a dime.
Ready and willing. Ready and willing.
Trade your soul on everything.
Flesh and spirit ready to burn.

Can you be mother?
...gibe your mild and warmth and die?
Oh father, can you be my slave?
...and whip me until you bleed?

Can you feed me only to kill?
...Your sweet honey down my throat.
All that it´s all about: Devotion.


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Número de Palavras 90
Número de Letras 603
Intérprete Carnival

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