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1. Imperial Lover

Imperial lover; I didn't know this is the way it was gonna be; We're pulling me under; All that it was, is nothing but a memory; I'm cold inside; Alone, but I'm waiting on the line; Is love unkind? Wi...

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2. Love Me Chase Me

I don’t want you baby; I don’t need you lately; Love is ever-changing; And I think you’re crazy; Oooh girl, I’ve got to let you let you let you go…; (go go go go ...); Let me touch your daisy; Give me...

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3. Mr Green

Mr. Green, did you see her standing there? Mr. Green, maybe you just didn't care; In the library with scarlett, how dare she intrude? Such a prude; Hopelessly clever she's ruffled her feathers anew; W...

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4. Nothing Without You

Who I was before is meaningless; Yeah, I killed him good, there's nothing left; I'm nothing without you; I'm tired of living a lie; Pretending that I deserve your call; Sometimes I'm truly surprised; ...

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5. There She Goes

There she goes; Once again; She's the kind of girl who will drive her poor boy insane; As she strolls; Down the lane; Every word prepared eludes my heart can't explain; Maybe this time I'l be brave an...

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6. Think Of You

When I'm lost, you bring me back; When I cry, you make me glad; When I think I have it bad; I think of you; When I don't know where to go; And I feel like I'm alone; When I hang my head down low; I th...

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