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1. Blight

(Blight); Raging fires burn the skies; Melting the heavens; Turning light into dark; On this the final act; The past is forgotten; As they call upon the dark crusader; To take up the weapons of war; A...

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2. Children Of Nod

Children of nod awaken; Coming from their graves; 42 in number; Slain for the feast; Restless souls never sleep; Now time has come for you to pay; Your presence here brought back the pain; This misery...

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3. Disobedience

Spoils of the forbidden; Fuels the rebellions; Temptation inspires; The outspread wings of destruction; In the vast darkness; Flames are burning; The underworld conspires; to crush the holy; Hell regi...

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4. Funeral Waltz And The Damned

End of days upon us; Revelations past; Heavens gates closed; True Christian rapture; Living creation in ruin; Righteous souls collected; Soulless bodies walking undead; Romero’s visions of the end; Ca...

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5. Scourge Of God

I awoke knowing you should no longer be; Your soul was ripe for the ripping; I speak these final words to you; You’re bound, so i can set you free; I am a murderer for truth; Shepard of the meek; For ...

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6. Suffering As One

In mourning, I am, forever; WHY; The memory of her blood; Drenched my life; Opening my eyes to this torment; This burden, this loss; This unbearable pain; Which can never end; NEVER AGAIN!!!! My siste...

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7. The Narrow House

They call to me; The legion that inhabit this place; Cold runs through my flesh; Fear drips from my eyes; Narrow house; Putrid glare; Horrified; Burnt into my soul; House built for the dead; What kind...

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8. Tumor Puss

Stumbling across a heap of lust; Young and thin as twine; Someone’s victim, my luck; Still warm to the touch; Skin so pale; Smell so foul; Driving me wild; Dried mud; Mixed blood; Crusted slip reveale...

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