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1. Carmasutra

Carmasutra; I'm down but i can't move on; Thinking bout how you're feeling me; Thinking bout how you get to me; I know this way it's supposed to be; I know I said I need control; But sometimes you've ...

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2. Fierce

Oh yeah; It's your boy L-I-M-P; Diva; Diva; How to spell Diva; C-A-R-M-I-T; How to say Diva; My girl, Carmit; (Verse 1); I'm heading to the ball, to the ball; And you go watch me walk, watch me walk; ...

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3. Keep On Smiling

When I was just a young girl; I never felt insecure; Danced my way into the world; With no inhibitions at all; They said I was different; Questioned what happened everywhere I went; Pretended like I d...

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4. Overrated

Written by ??? (Verse 1); So sick of arguing; Tired of fussing fighting; Far from the days when we first fell in love; And I, go put my high heels on now; I'm going out tonight; And I'm wearing the se...

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