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1. Crazy In Love

When I talk you like to listen; I really love your kissin'; Baby you're a one of a kind; And baby did I mention, all of the attention, you give me makes me feel so fine; (Only for you) My body's shaki...

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2. Happy

Baby, just look at what youÂ’ve done to me, baby; IÂ’m having so much fun with you, baby; I swear youÂ’re the one for me; TalkinÂ’, I could stay up all night talkinÂ’; How many hours now weÂ’ve been t...

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3. I've Just Seen A Face

I've just seen a face; I can't forget the time or place where we just met, he's just the boy for me and I want all the world; To see we've met; mm-mm-mm-mm-mm-mm; Falling - yes I'm falling; And he kee...

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4. Keep Me Forever Falling

It?s every little girl?s dream to be swept off her; feet; And find someone who will always make her smile; Well, you?ve got that part now, you know I?m falling; now; And I never want it to end; So, ke...

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5. Nothin' Like The Summer

A firefly glowin' on my left hand; Used to pretend it was a weddin' band; A tall cool glass of Mama's lemonade; Sold from a stand that me and my sister made; We'd count our quarters in the shade; Unde...

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6. One After 909 (cover)

Música dos Beatles; My baby says he's trav'ling on the one after 909; I said move over honey I'm travelling on that line; I said move over once, move over twice; Come on baby don't be cold as ice; I s...

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7. Photograph

Smile…here we go; A picture and a flash; These years went by so fast; And it seems; As we pose; Though we started out as friends; Our love will never end; We had so much fun; Always stayin’ up too lat...

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8. Shine

Sometimes the mirror's are too clear; For the whispers in your ear; With that magazine just telling you; To lose another pound; Work hard, don?t have too much fun; Don?t look too old, donÂ?t act too y...

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9. Silly Me

First time in a week that I actually got myself out of the house; I came around to the cold hard fact that I'm gona have to do without you; Colorado and all my dreams they came crashin' right down on ...

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10. Spend That Money

One cold tall drink; The boy thinks he's caught me on the line; But he's way too kind; He said what would it take for a guy like me to get close to you; Plain and simple truth is baby; Take me out; Sp...

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11. Stranded

Confusing; Well, that about wraps it up; You told me it wasn't love you were feeling; I slammed doors; 'Cause I could just kick myself; I need more than a little help getting through this; (I'm) (feel...

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12. Too Far Down The Road

She was all alone again; He won't be coming home tonight; Whatever happened; She's wondering how to make it right; She's been all over Dallas; And he's already crossed the line; Made his way up to Tul...

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