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1. Beyond The Normal

Comes the yes; Comes the no; I'll try more than vain; And then soon; I see, I can do; Just shine on my way; With no cloud of your deed; Go in peace; See how I can be; Beyond the normal; It's all so co...

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2. Circles Of Life

You know when you're down; Can you find yourself? Notice that there's nothing else; So turn to realize; It's not more than a surprise; You are your mankind; When you find the right music and poem; Jus...

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3. Essences

Time's just a natural thing; Even I can't understand it trully; But looking through the people I see; That essence's still the same; The shine of the eyes; The beauty of the heart; The experience of l...

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4. Kind Of Bossa

When you´re walking down the streets; There´s a light inside of you; Lighting up the avenue; Over the sun; Over the sea; There´s a place for you and me; Just come and see what I can feel; Bridge; I´ll...

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5. Love Supreme

You know that I'm trying to see; Your distress; Now, I know; How could you feel; So hard to believe; That you're gone without my glance; Farewell to your talking, for your advance. ; Now, I know where...

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6. Loving In June

I woke up at night; It's all so tight; Feeling my heart crying inside; And for and wide; I reach for life; By your side; I'm lonely at night; This empty room; Looking for you; Please come so soon; Lov...

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7. Only Humans

Chorus; All life I´ve been; Such a human being; But this time I´m sure; I won´t let you down; You´re so fine; I can love you for all my life; And this time, I´m sure; I won´t break your heart; Bridge;...

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8. Questions

Sometimes you feel so scared; About your course of life; Will it be the end? It started inside. ; Reflections of your time; Perceptions from a sign; The bright of your eyes; Telling you a real truth; ...

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9. Save You

Suddenly, I realized; We´re so compromised; Heal me from all my fears; I´ll go with you my dear; Far away, away from home; Distant lands of the unknown; Some adventures on our own; Reaching places ove...

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10. See Around

Remember all that moments; We were happy; For all those years; We showed up; Our best songs; Pictures from; our best inside; Don´t let this rolling down; Cause it seems we´re going to fall; From this ...

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11. Windy Day

Since that windy day; I remember that face; Always in that boulevard; Going to somewhere; Same way (same time); Thinking myself, where she's going; Right now; I never forgot that beauty face; So calm ...

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