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1. Departure

Sit and talk to strangers; As though they’re friends; Waiting on company; As though your life depends; I’m afraid this madness; May be getting black; Engulfing you; And all you are in that; Hands to h...

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2. Even A River

Even a river runs somewhere; Home to the sea; I am not inside this face; So please stop staring at me; I will need saving from myself; Could you be there to save me? When I need weight would you pick ...

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3. Heaven Is A Word

Heaven is a word you used to describe me; if only you knew,I'm unworthy of such kind praise; It's the dawning of deceptive ways; I'm longing for a light of sorts, to address me now; Could it end someh...

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4. Iodline Road

This morning I woke up; Felt like a monk; Silently observing something celibate; I’ve been dreaming of a dream of love; Feels like I’m obsolete; Giving away pieces of me; No loving in return for what ...

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5. Like Mercury

Fragile now; I’m coming down; The weight in there is almost free; Hold on tight; To what I’ve found; Won’t take less than what I need; There’s no easy way to satisfy hunger, Rather starve than have to...

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6. Love You Out

Sometimes I float myself away; My freedom wants to stretch me out; I see the moon to its watery grave; I love you out; I have been coloured in and had; The light inside my eyes brightened; And when yo...

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7. Make It Up

Take me away; Set me in sleep; Promise not to wake up; Not even to dream; Cos I’ve been abusing the spaces in between; I’ll make it up to you, don’t make it up to me; Bring on the day; Swallow the sle...

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8. Under

Lately, I’ve been believing my own thing too much; Taking forever to see that I’m losing my touch; It’s not too late to be under; And not too soon to be over; I’ve been walking around with my head to ...

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9. Wanderlust

You missed the world again for sleep; Mistaking wolves again for sheep; You know; The wind can sometimes blow the lines away; A sunny sky can open up and rain; You’re on my mind today again; Pushing o...

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