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1. Back To Where We Started

Blue eyes listen I think there’s been some terrible mistake; We were sky high on living in love; Then it all came crashing down; What a lonely sound; How’d we ever let it get so crazed; You know I hav...

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2. Busted

Prowl around in the middle of the night; Somebody’s gotta treat me right; Oh baby I’ve been so blind; Flesh is weak but the spirit is strong; I never knew what was really going on; Until you left me b...

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3. Gone

They’re warming up the chopper getting ready to go; Count down to zero hour; Flight plan checked, all the luggage on deck; Awaiting clearance from the tower; I took a minute or two to send a message t...

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4. Hot Streak Gone Cold

I had a pretty good run at the tables; Man, i was really on a roll; Lucky as sin, my ship came in; Everything i touched turned to gold; Yeah, nothing could catch me; And nothing could slow me down; I ...

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5. Into The Future

Shadows growing longer; It’s cold without the sun; One day you look around; And everyone you know is gone; There’s a light in the distance; There’s a key in the door; And there’s something beckoning; ...

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6. Little Bit Of Love

I believe if you give; A little bit of love to those you live with; Little bit of love has got to come your way; Well in my mind it’s easy; To lose sight of the truth; But in my heart I can’t deny; My...

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7. Lonely You

When I look into your tearful eyes; I don’t know what to do; And though you say that I don’t realize; I sympathize with you; Lonely you, only you yes I do; Lonely you, Only you Lonely you; And when I ...

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8. Point Of No Return

Scanning the horizon, listening to the wind; I’ve been sitting with my headset on trying to get tuned in; Set out on a journey; had a ship to sail; Searching for eternal truth; hope I live to tell the...

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9. Rattled

I told you I forgot my medication; But you don’t listen, had to have your way; Well this is what you get; Hope you liked it, pet; I’m rattled now and I don’t wanna play; I’m rattled now and I don’t wa...

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10. River

River, keep on rising; Carry my soul to the sea; Troubled water take me with you; Following destiny; River where is the justice; When a man can stumble and fall; In the waters of confusion; Stumble an...

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11. Shadow

Just try to look at the bright side; They haven’t finished us yet; When we’re not falling from heaven; We’re trying to climb out of debt, yeah; I’ve got a strange idea; head in the clouds; No argument...

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12. Strange Way To Live

Little sister’s running from a green baby haze; Stumbles to the corner, hasn’t seen the sun for days; Looking for the vampire last seen dealing in the park; Busted for possession now he’s really made ...

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