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1. A Storm Is Coming

Rain, rain, rain for forty days; To wash away the faithless sons; They say when all is said and done; The rains will come, the rains will come; Tiger, tiger burning bright; A reckoning will come tonig...

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2. Beginning To See

I don't believe in people walking on water; I don't believe in heaven; I don't agree with hell; Why would someone threaten their sons and daughters; With damnation and torture; When they meant well; W...

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3. Get a Gun

I gonna have to get a gun; Seems like everybody else has one; I'm not hipster type; Don't give a fuck about the hype; And is better to stay in; Think of insect on my skin; I'm never north, north, I'm ...

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4. Grimaldi

While there's still a fighting chance; Why don't you just get up and go? Get away from this blasting romance; That it's slowly binding us both; Because you tell me what you want and I'll avoid it; Tel...

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5. Let It Rain

No I don't have the strength to accept what I can't change; There's your bones and mine, and there's sorrow and there's pain; I can't change who I am, change my ways; And I'm drained; Tears choose a p...

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6. March Of The Idle

Half alive; You watch the fires through your lonely eyes; Without your warpaint on you won't survive; No point in trying if it's all a lie; Fire for the souls; Of the wicked and the dull; The feelings...

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7. Run With The Boys

I think since we met, I've got some regrets; This girl that I don't know; Round Holloway road; I'm seeing this girl; To help me behave; But she wants me to change; My path to the grave; I'm happy with...

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8. Sister

Sister; Please save me; Pass me the gun; I didn't know it showed to what we would become; Going around the same story; Got them so bored; Watch the dance into the fire; Come, give me some more; Everyb...

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9. So Long, My Lover (2011)

We met when hope was oh so young; I took you from that drunken bum; And held you like some father; And we both mourned for each other; The lights were bright on Portland Street; And with the future at...

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10. Summer In The Trenches

You and me it seems we dream of ships; Galleons to carry us away; Long I wait but they just don't come in; Its seems they sailed yesterday; (Ohh, oh, oh); I got drunk and my heart broke again; Sobered...

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11. The Gears

London's still burning down; Revolution need's returning now; For wasted youth in topman jeans; Out on the frontline; Just canaries in the coalmine; So sick at heart that you can't breathe; So sing al...

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12. Victory Gin

This is not a song for lovers; It's for a feeling that exists in everyone; Sometimes this feeling is expression; And this expression tells us something has begun; Well, people were lonely when they; G...

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13. War Of The Roses

You give me your last line said Dave; And I'll give you my dog; Okay if you're serious I'll take it off your hands; And then the next day, amongst the; Debris and the cans; He says 'we were all just w...

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14. We Want More

Face pretty face; Not much below; No don't want change; Just want more you know; You ask me where it's at; Well honey I just don't know; Don't ask where it's at; Oh honey I just don't know; But when s...

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