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1. Ain't no Upside

Ain't no upside livin' on the downside; Hey Hey; There ain't no downside in looking up; Ain't no reason for living this way; You keep treading water; Day after day; And you stay so down-hearted; It ca...

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2. Am I Just One?

I want to tell you in my sleep that you inspire me; I want to paint you in a corner-colored gray; I want to argue make up over Kool-Aid; I want to meet you there and make you feel the same; What you d...

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3. Being Alive

Someday; Things will get better; For your sake; It will get better; 'Cause there is time; Time to find; Find all the beauty; In truly being alive; Somehow; The world keeps on spinning; So come now; No...

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4. Daylight

Expensive restaurants and cheap hotels; you can forget till it makes no sense; black black nights and promise rings; you can never get your mind back; back to the way it was; when you were daylight fo...

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5. Hard To Change

No more light; so get used to the dark; spend some time; with the hurt thats in your heart; been sitting here many times before; you dont need the key when you've broken down the door; is it love and ...

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6. I Wouldn't do That To You

Looking at the soft skin of yesterday's light fall upon you; Rising up off the pillowy haze that we gaze through; It's the song that I sing because I have to; I make a choice to raise my voice but you...

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7. Mother Madam

Now's the time to break these chains. Now's the time to pack these things along. You're a big girl in the same small town. Pick yourself up off the ground, Mother Madam, Mother Madam, Mother Madam. ; ...

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8. Shelf Life

Warsaw in winter; flowery graves; can you still hear them; whisper your name; afraid of the cold spots; caught in the tree tops; love is a dog fight; youre losing your shelf life; i cant crawl out of ...

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